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The long winding journey to Tofino brings you to Clayoquot Sound, home of the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht and
Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations. A place of wonder, this globally significant rainforest is more threatened than ever. Please help protect it today!

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Sea lice treatments killing wild herring

Sea lice treatments killing wild herring

Since 2021, Cermaq killed over a million wild herring while ridding their farmed Atlantic salmon of sea lice.

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Rights & Title

Clayoquot Action recognises and supports the Indigenous Rights and Title of the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations – stewards since time immemorial of the lands and waters now called Clayoquot Sound.

People Power Works

Clayoquot Action cofounders Bonny Glambeck and Dan Lewis were key organizers of the 1993 Clayoquot Summer peaceful mass protests. They know that major corporations can be stopped in their tracks by informed and determined people.

Together for Wild Salmon

Wild salmon are the backbone of the BC coast, but they are on the brink of extinction. Join the growing movement to protect wild salmon and everything that depends on them, from orcas and wolves to bears and ancient cedars.


Save the salmon, save the forest

The Nuuchahnulth First Nations have a saying, “hišukiš c̓awaak”, which means “everything is one and interconnected”. Wild salmon provide the missing nitrogen which grows ancient cedars to monumental size. They fatten up bears, and feed people through long winters. Although the logging of ancient forests has been halted in Clayoquot Sound, the forests will not survive without wild salmon.

Here's our plan to save wild salmon:


Now is the time

In 2019 the federal Liberals promised to remove salmon farms from BC waters—by 2025. Since, then, they’ve published two “What We Heard” reports. What they’ve heard: over 120 First Nations want the farms removed by 2025. So do 75% of British Columbians. There is an unprecedented agreement amongst the commercial fishing fleet, wilderness tourism operators, and many more: fish farms have to get out of the ocean by 2025.

This is urgent, because wild salmon are on the brink of extinction. But it’s not too late—we’re already seeing incredibly abundant returns of wild salmon in regions where fish farms have been removed, like the Discovery Islands and Broughton Archipelago. Removing fish farms works!

Washington State banned in-water salmon farms a year ago. This leaves British Columbia as the only jurisdiction on the west coast of North America allowing salmon farms in the ocean.

Wild salmon face a multitude of threats, such as the climate crisis and clearcut logging. Any extra stressor on those salmon that we do have control over, needs to be managed. And this particular threat is entirely manageable—unlike many other challenges, it can be solved with a stroke of a pen.

This is entirely winnable! We have a federal government already promising to do what is needed. Don’t sit this one out. Add your voice—let them know that you too want to see wild salmon protected by removing salmon farms from BC waters by 2025.

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