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Summer 2015
"Humpback with Pilchards" by Leanne Hodges
Summer 2023 News
Summer 2023
"Echolocation” by Leanne Hodges
Summer 2018
"Clayoquot Wolf" by Leanne Hodges
Clayoquot Action Summer Newsletter
Summer 2024
Breaching Orca by Jérémy MATHIEU
Winter 2023
Winter 2023
"In the Flow" by Kari Lehr
Winter 2022
"Eagle Totem" by Roy Henry Vickers
Winter 2016
"Midnight Run" by Ray Troll
Winter 2019
"Creek Street Life" by Ray Troll
Winter 2020
"The Provider" by Kari Lehr
Annual 2013
"Clayoquot Wolf" by Leanne Hodges
Summer 2014
"Orca & Wild Salmon" by Leanne Hodges
Winter 2014
"Deep Forest" by Ray Troll
Winter 2015
"Spawning Salmon" by Claire Watson
Summer 2016
"Bloodlines and Backbones" by Leanne Hodges
Summer 2017
"Octopus Into the Open" by Mark Hobson
Winter 2017
"The Kingfisher the Raven and the Half Moon Run" by Ray Troll
Winter 2018
"River Bear" by Kari Lehr
Summer 2019
"Orcas" by Claire Watson
Winter 2021
"The Chase" by Mark Hobson