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Vote for salmon!

The federal election currently underway will be critical for wild salmon. The current federal government has pledged to remove open-net pen salmon farms from the BC coast by 2025.

But rather than prepare for the transition to land-based closed containment in order to protect wild salmon, Cermaq is trialling an experimental ‘semi-closed’ containment system—right here in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region.

Clayoquot Action sent a volunteer team of divers down to see what is coming out of Cermaq’s SCCS. What they found shocked them. At the bottom of the system is a large hole, covered by—an open net, with a steady flow of fish poop and uneaten pellets going out the bottom.

Addressing the problems risks posed to wild salmon by fish farming with this system is something like handing out leaky condoms—it simply won’t solve the problem!

This fall, be sure to vote for a candidate who is committed to removing all salmon farms from BC waters.

Sockeye salmon—Tavish Campbell Photography


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